Comedy Piñata /

Jacobus /

A videoblog from the 14th century by Jacobus: falconer, dung-shoveler, tamer of wenches.

SkyMaul /

Kasper Hauser’s first book – a surreal parody of the in-flight catalog. Llamacyles, Stroller-Mowers, Hummingbird Poisoners, etc.

khraigslist /

Our alternate-universe craigslist.

Nigerian Scammer Letters /

Actual email exchanges between Kasper Hauser persona Jock Plenary and the Nigerian scammers he infuriates.

Wonderglen /

The inadvertently public intranet site of a small, dysfunctional media production company. “Hilarious, weird, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen” ~ USA Today

Kasper Hauser on the real “This American Life” /

A special version of our “Phonecall to the 14th Century” on This American Life’s “Wrong Side of History” episode.

This is an American Life?! /

Our take on the world’s best radio show, complete with fake high schools and real unicorns.

Roy & Gil /

Two feature-length films that follow the adventures of the junkyard-savant twins — experts in motorcycle engines, puppy diseases, and Sasquatches.