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Aug 18th, 2009

Rebel Reading Series - Friday, Aug. 21 in SF

Kasper Hauser will be appearing at the Rebel Reading series this Friday, Aug. 21, at the Knockout (3223 Mission St. @ Valencia in SF). More details here. Hope to see you there!

Aug 9th, 2009

Creativity Workshop August 15th!

Come learn the Kasper Hauser method for Group Creativity in a special workshop led by Dan Klein. Master Teacher Klein reveals the secrets to blending the Awesome Powers of Yes and No into creative magic as part of the Temporary Improv Festival at the Eureka Theater this weekend:

Aug 6th, 2009

What Kind of Snake is This?

Here is picture of a snake at the zoo. If you can name the snake, email info at kasperhauser dot com to win a free signed copy of the Kasper Hauser book of your choice. (First correct answer wins).

Jul 30th, 2009

Significant Objects

Rob wrote a short story for the Significant Objects project — a web site started by Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker. The two gave cheap thrift store objects to writers, asked them to make up a story about the objects, then put the items (along with their stories) on eBay, to test the premise that the added story would increase the objects’ value. Rob’s story is about a porcelain figurine, pictured below. You can read and bid (on this and other objects) here.

Jul 23rd, 2009

KH (and Mort Sahl!) on West Coast Live this Saturday

We’ll be guests on Sedge Thomson’s excellent radio program West Coast Live this Saturday, July 23rd. (The show airs from 10 am to noon CA time). Also on the bill, comedy legend Mort Sahl! Here is a list of stations around the country that carry the program.

Jul 22nd, 2009


Our friend and agent Danielle Svetcov has written a hilarious and useful book of recipes that will help you get your poo on.

Jul 20th, 2009

Ate whole cake by self (not on birthday)

Last year we did a lot of writing for Superego Industries (Ben Karlin’s HBO-sponsored production company) on a web site called Wonderglen. It’s the fake intranet site of a dysfunctional production company — you can see all of the employees’ messages to each other, their ill-fated show demos, etc. We had a blast dreaming up this alternate universe, and while the site is no longer being updated, it’s still live and, if we do say so ourselves, there’s a lot of good comedy to explore.

Jul 15th, 2009

Googling Google

If you Google “search engine,” Google comes up fourth or fifth. True. Go ahead, try it. So last week, when we visited Google SF to do a reading for their authors series, we started with some business consulting on how they might be able to improve their standing in the search and become a “top company.”

(Here it is on a bigger player on YouTube.

Jul 14th, 2009

Obama's Blackberry: UK Edition

Obama’s Blackberry will be published in the UK in early August!

Here’s a link to the book on

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